Typography & Color Settings

Typography & Color Settings

Updated 23 July


You can set the blog typography options using WordPress Customizer. Select Appearance>Customize>Typography Settings.

In Typography Settings you can select the fonts for the heading and of the post content of your blog. There are over 800 fonts available from Google Font Library.

There is also the option of selecting different language character sets, in order for the blog to display properly for non-latin characters in mobile devices. Please note that not all of the fonts are available for every language character set.

You can also enable RTL language support from Typography Settings.


Color Settings

You can set the blog color options using WordPress Customizer. Select Appearance>Customize>Color Settings.

The theme is using a master color feature which enables to change the colors of multiple elements at once.

After choosing your main color you can set the text color (for elements that use the main color as background), and the hover colors both for background and text.