General Settings

General Settings

You can customize the blog’s general settings by navigating to Appearance>Customize>General Settings.


Blog Layout

You can have different Layouts for the home page and all the other pages of the blog.

You can Set Up the Home page layout choosing one of the 5 options available

  • Full-Width Layout
  • List Layout
  • Grid Columns Layout
  • First Post Full Width and the rest List Layout
  • First Post Full Width and the rest Grid Layout

There is an option to set the number of columns for Grid layout to 2 or 3 columns.

3 Column Grid is intended for layouts without sidebars.


General Options

In general Options you can:

  • Enable/Disable Scroll To Top Button
  • Enable/Disable Loading Animation
  • Enable/Disable Sticky Navigation Menu
  • Enable/Disable Content Reading Progressbar in sticky menu
  • Add a secondary logo for the sticky menu (matching the dark background)

Updated 18-7 - 1.0.1

You can enable RTL language support.

SideBar Options

You can set the blog main sidebar options using WordPress Customizer. Select Appearance>Customize>Sidebar Settings.

You can select where the main sidebar is going to be displayed (Left or Right) or if there is going to be a sidebar on your blog.
You can have different settings for Home Page, Archive/Categories Page, Search Results, 404 Page and Woocommerce Pages.

These settings don’t affect the Hidden Sidebar.

For posts and pages select the sidebar template you like.

Social Media Icons

You can set your social media links here. Those links will be displayed on the blog’s top bar (if it’s enabled)

If you don’t want to use some of the social media, you can leave the link empty.


Post Options

In post option you can:

  • Enable/Disable the author info
  • Enable/Disable the Related Posts. Related Posts are selected using tags.