Hello World?

What's RebonThemes is all about

Hello World?

What's RebonThemes is all about

It’s not an easy task to write the first post in a new blog.  There are so many ideas and lots of topics to choose from. We struggled a bit, but we finally figured it out.

This first post should be about what RebornThemes is about.


So, what’s this all about?

We love creating websites. Every part of them.  From design to coding, testing, and launching. We love combining art and technology and creating unique user experiences.

We also love WordPress. WordPress is a wonderful tool. It’s customizable, easy to use, powered by its community and available to anyone for free.

The best way to combine those two is building themes.


Our Plan

It didn’t feel right to charge for our themes, so we decided to offer them for free. That way we can give something back to the community that supports and expands WordPress.

Profits gained from genuine user feedback, expanding production experience and meeting new people can’t be measured in any currency.

The plan is to offer every theme we build for free, without limiting their features or creating freemium versions. To do so, we plan to support the production of themes by offering coding services to web professionals and agencies.



…things don’t always go the way we want them to. We can’t guarantee that we will continue to build themes or keep offering them for free.

After all, there are bills to pay.  Unfortunately,  goodwill and noble intentions are not accepted as currency.


Using our themes

All our themes are released under the GNU GPL license. You can use them for any personal or commercial purpose.

We do our best to deliver bug-free themes, but it’s not always possible.

That’s it. If you haven’t done so, go ahead, create a new account, and download our themes. Let us know what you think.